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the "hype" team

Our speakers have a unique professional background that combine years in the classroom with a passion and understanding for relating to students and motivating them towards success.


Derek J. Lovett, M.Ed

Motivational Speaker,

An emcee and natural entertainer, Derek knows how to capture the attention of his audience.  With over 20 years of experience working with adolescents and a diverse professional background spanning engineering, education, and entrepreneurship Derek is a master at delivering passion-filled, relevant messages that inform, inspire, and motivate.

Stanley Robinson

Motivational Speaker,
Fitness Trainer,

Stanley is a  powerful motivator.  A former athlete and current personal trainer, he delivers the tone of mentor and coach to his audience invoking a sense of self-awareness and accountability.  His captivating stories from childhood to being married with children ensure that audiences stay dialed in.


Christian Hardy

Art Director,

Chris is versed in utilizing a wide range of visual communication mediums, including print, web, and video, to aid clients in reaching their goals.
He enjoys using his artistic capacities to enhance the ventures of clients.  He prides himself on understanding the culture of an organization along with its vision in order to provide a valued experience to the target audience.

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