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Recent projects 

Birmingham Corps (Birmingham, AL)

Birmingham Corps is a non-profit serving inner-city Birmingham.  We kicked off the second cycle of the Talent Navigator program, an initiative focused on developing workforce talent and making connections between employers and candidates.  Our session was on professional goal-setting.  We had a myriad of participants, from college students to retirees.

True Diving Baptist Church (Montgomery, AL)

True Divine is a large church on the southeast side of Montgomery.  We collaborated with them to develop this concept of "The Ultimate Vision Board Party" for their women's ministry, in which we infused the typical vision board process with strategic exercises such as writing a vision statement, identifying seasonal objectives, and establishing goals and action steps.  This was a fun-filled and intimate time with games, great conversation, and food!

Interested in working with us?  We offer both in-person or virtual services!

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